Getting a Pet Companion to Reduce Blood Pressure

old-and-puppyDid you know that animals can help reduce your blood pressure?  Studies show that interactions with therapy animals can decrease stress in humans.

Playing with or petting an animal can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol. These types of changes can help children or adults with activities that cause them stress.  With less stress, comes increased health.  Researchers found that patients with high blood pressure was lower during times of mental stress over patients without pets.

“Both pet ownership and social support are significant predictors of survival, independent of the effects of the other psychosocial factors and physiologic status,” wrote the heart-disease researchers.

In Italy, researchers documented successful introduction of a shelter dogs to Alzheimer’s patients. Through questionnaire studies, it was determined that animal-assisted activities was beneficial to the patient.

It has also been reported that you can train a puppy or train a dog to be of service to people who suffer with anxiety.


Anxiety Treatment

mmtMost cases of anxiety condition can be treated successfully by properly trained mental health experts such as anxiety treatment Baltimore psychiatrists. A research study has shown that a form of psychotherapy called “cognitive-behavioral treatment” (CBT) can be highly effective in dealing with stress and anxiety disorders. Psychologists use CBT to assist people recognize and learn to handle the elements that add to their stress and anxiety.

Behavioral therapy involves utilizing methods to lower or stop the undesired habits related to these disorders. One method involves training patients in relaxation and deep breathing methods to neutralize the agitation and fast, shallow breathing that accompany specific stress and anxiety disorders.

Through cognitive therapy, patients learn to comprehend how their thoughts add to the signs of anxiety disorders, and how to replace those thought patterns to lower the likelihood of occurrence and the strength of reaction. The patient’s increased cognitive awareness is frequently combined with behavioral methods to assist the individual progressively confront and endure fearful scenarios in a managed, safe environment.

Along with psychotherapy, appropriate medications may have a function in treatment. In cases where medications are used, the client’s care may be managed collaboratively by more than one provider of treatment. It is necessary for clients to realize that there are negative effects to any drugs, which have to be kept track of closely by the service provider who recommended the medication.

Licensed psychologists are trained and certified to detect and treat people with stress and anxiety conditions utilizing strategies based on the finest readily available research study. Psychologists’ substantial training includes understanding and utilizing a range of psychotherapies, consisting of CBT.

Psychologists sometimes use other strategies to reliable treatment in addition to individual psychotherapy. Group psychiatric therapy, typically including unassociated people who all have stress and anxiety conditions, can be an efficient technique for delivering treatment and supplying support. Even more, family psychotherapy can assist family members better comprehend their loved one’s stress and anxiety and learn new methods of interacting that do not reinforce the stress and anxiety and associated dysfunctional habits.

Individuals dealing with anxiety disorders might also want to think about mental health clinics or other customized treatment programs dealing with certain stress and anxiety conditions such as panic or fears that might be offered in their local area.

The big bulk of people who suffer from stress and anxiety disorder can decrease or eliminate their anxiety symptoms and go back to normal working after some months of suitable psychiatric therapy. Many individuals notice an improvement in symptoms and working within a few treatment sessions. The patient ought to fit from the beginning with the psychotherapist. Together the patient and psychotherapist ought to establish a proper treatment strategy. The client’s cooperation is important, and there has to be a strong sense that the patient and therapist are working well together deal with the anxiety disorder.

Treatments need to be altered to the needs of the client and to the kind of disorder, or conditions, from which the specific suffers. The psychotherapist and client ought to work together to evaluate whether a treatment strategy appears to be on track. Patients react differently to treatment, and adjustments to the plan often are necessary. Anxiety conditions can significantly hinder an individual’s functioning in work, family and social settings. People who deal with stress and anxiety disorders can deal with a certified and experienced mental health professional such as a certified psychologist to assist them to regain control of their sensations and thoughts.

The Benefits of Hiring an Errand Running Service Company

errand serviceIn order to counter extremely demanding lifestyles and concentrate fully on the key tasks and responsibilities, it is strongly recommended for both individual and corporate entities to hire an errand running service to lower stress. These are companies that basically perform light daily tasks such as post office deliveries, bank deposit and withdrawals, book rentals, settlements of bills e.t.c.

The following are the key benefits that both individuals and corporate entities stand to reap from hiring such companies:

Save on Operational Costs

The outsourcing of these services enable firms to lower their operational expenses since it negates the need to hire full-time casual laborers who generally require higher wages and perks to maintain. This ultimately leads to higher profit margins in the long run.

Improved Focus on the Core Objectives of the Business

When such non-core functions of the organizations as petty errands are fully outsourced, the said organizations are granted the freedom to devote all their focus and energies towards the accomplishment of their core objectives with minimal interference.

Increased Productivity

Considering the fact that organizations are granted the freedom to focus on their core objectives with minimal interference, their productivity in so far as the achievement of their corporate objectives is greatly enhanced.

Lower Stress and Unnecessary Anxieties

The typical errand running service company does operate under very strict codes of conduct which include timely delivery of the tasks, accountability, and honesty, among others. Moreover, these companies can be sued for damages if need be, and also insure the merchandise in their possession. All these factors converge to grant the organizations that outsource their services less stress and unnecessary anxieties.

Save on Time

Since none of the organization’s employees or members of staff are involved in the running of the said errands, the organizations that hire these services thus save greatly on time which they can subsequently use in undertaking other tasks that matter.

Enhanced Reliability

These errand running service companies are usually duly registered with the relevant local authorities under whose jurisdiction they operate and are also subject to the supervision of various government agencies. They are thus reliable and capable of being trusted and worked with for longer duration of time.


From the foregoing discussions, the outsourcing of errand running services is the only way to go for any serious organization that is keen on cutting down its operational expenses, improving their productivity, reducing stress, enhancing their reliability and saving on their time among others.

Stress Consequences and Related Illnesses

stressStress is defined as a normal physical response to those situations that makes you feel threatened or upset. When a person senses danger, whether the danger is imagined or real, the body’s defensive mechanisms will automatically shift into high gear known as the stress response or the “fight or flight” reaction. Stress is not always bad. In fact, in small doses, it is known to motivate people to do their best when they are under pressure. However, when your body is constantly stressed up or running in emergency mode, your body will ultimately pay the price in the form of stress related illnesses.

Consequences of stress
Daily threatening situations or stressors tend to continually make your body trigger the stress response which will often lead to serious health problems. Daily stress tends to have a disrupting effect on almost all systems of the body. This can lead to a suppressed immune system, high blood pressure, increased risk of a stroke or heart attack, speeding up a person’s aging process and can contribute to infertility. When this stress becomes long-term, it leaves you very vulnerable to various emotional and mental problems.

Stress Related diseases
There are a wide variety of stress related illnesses such as heart diseases, anxiety disorders, depression disorders, diabetes, obesity, various infections, cluster headaches, cancer, alcoholism, adult ADHD, drug abuse, eye strain, and many other illnesses. steering away from stressful situations will help you avoid most of these stress related illnesses

Facts about stress
Stress affects both the body and the mind. It also has an impact on the overall well being, health and state of mind of a person.
There are unhealthy as well as healthy ways of dealing with stress. You should make sure that you use healthy ways of dealing with stress.

Healthy ways of dealing with stress:
Avoiding drugs and alcohol
Being physically active – use activity monitors
Learning relaxation techniques and practicing them.
Accessing social support
Getting enough sleep
Balancing your time

There are many other healthy ways of dealing with stress that can be embraced to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle by avoiding stress related illnesses. By learning these core skills, one is able to deal with stressful situations and at the same time maintain his/her body balance in the process. Stress while being necessary at times can lead to illnesses that may make you to lose your health, state of mind as well as your self worth and it is up to you to make sure that this does not happen by embracing healthy ways of dealing with stress and stressful situations.

Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a chronic disease that accounts for 15% of deaths each year in the United States. This makes it one of the leading causes of death and has resulted in the proliferation of the disease being labeled an epidemic. Despite its serious implications, what makes hypertension even more dangerous is the fact that many people living with the disease do not continuously monitor it to ensure that it is kept in check.

Blood pressure monitoring is highly important for people with hypertension, as the disease is a major risk factor for other serious health conditions. It can result in strokes, heart attacks, kidney damage and other interferences that could result in death. In fact, high blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’ due to the fact that it rarely produces any symptoms and often presents itself when things have already gotten way out of hand. That is why hypertension sufferers should ensure they are continuously monitoring their blood pressure levels, complementary to their blood pressure treatment.

How to monitor high blood pressure

In addition to getting regular checkups, which involves your doctor using a machine to test your blood pressure levels, home blood pressure monitoring should also be considered. There are many commercially available blood pressure monitors that can be bought at pharmacies, in health stores or even online. These can be used to accurately measure systolic and diastolic pressure at any time. There are even different variants, including the traditional type – similar to what doctors have – and those that can be strapped to the wrist.

Home monitoring has been proven to be effective in backing up blood pressure treatment by helping patients to find out their blood pressure levels at any time. This can save your life by signaling you to calm down, take medication and/or visit the doctor if it is that your blood pressure is elevated significantly. You should choose a monitor that you are most comfortable using and ensure that it is passed by the relevant regulating bodies, such as the USDA.

Three Things You Can Do To Treat High Blood Pressure

Treat HBPHigh blood pressure, also referred to as Hypertension in medical circles, is quite a rampant disease, affecting millions of people worldwide. In the United States alone, it is believed that more than 33% of all adults are living with the disease. However, while that statistic might seem scary, it is important to note that most people who have it are not aware, since high blood pressure rarely presents any symptoms. In fact, the chronic disease has been labeled the ‘silent killer’ as it has killed many people who had no idea that they had it.
On the flip side, there are many who know they have it but do not treat it effectively. With high blood pressure being a risk factor for other dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, learning how to treat it should be high priority for those with it and those who have a predisposition. Do you fall in either category? Here are 3 things you should be doing in order to treat high blood pressure effectively:
1. Eat properly: High blood pressure can be alleviated from a change in lifestyle, such as eating properly. Many doctors recommend the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) eating plan to people with hypertension. This plan focuses on foods that are considered to be healthy, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. In addition to eating more of these kinds of foods, you should reduce salt intake, fatty and oily foods.
2. Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main risk factors for developing hypertension and can cause it to worsen. Exercising helps to boost the metabolic rate, reduces stress and helps to lower cholesterol, all of which can lower the impact of the disease.
3. Take your medication: Your doctor will prescribe the most appropriate range of medication to suit the kind of hypertension that you have. It is up to you to ensure that you are taking them on time and at the appropriate dosages. Not taking your medication, or not following the instructions, can make the condition worse.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

blood-pressureAt some point in your life, you must have heard the time ‘high blood pressure’. With the disease being so prevalent, chances are, you know at least one human being living with or who has died from it. However, do you know what it means to have high blood pressure?

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is literally the force of the blood against the arteries being higher than it should be. In other words, the force of your blood is putting more pressure on your arteries than it should. As your heart beats, the pressure goes up and when your heart rests between beats, it goes down. These two pressures are known as systolic and diastolic pressures respectively and are used to determine how high or low your blood pressure is. When your systolic and diastolic pressures go beyond 120/80, you are considered hypertensive but you’re not diagnosed as having high blood pressure until it reaches 140/90 or higher.

What is the cause?

High blood pressure is identified as a lifestyle disease for the most part, although a single specific cause cannot be pinpointed for many people. In other cases, hypertension can be a result of another medical problem, pregnancy or may result from using certain medications. It is highly prevalent among people who are overweight, those who smoke, excessive drinkers and people who have bad eating habits.

What are the symptoms?

Known as the ‘silent killer’, high blood pressure rarely presents any noticeable symptoms. Instead, it often makes its presence felt when it results in other health problems, such as heart disease, strokes and other chronic ailments. As a result, there are more people living with the disease unknowingly than those who are aware. This is why it is among the leading cause of deaths in the US.

How is it treated?

Lifestyle changes are the main recommendations when it comes on to treating hypertension. These include following a healthy diet, exercising, quitting the smoking habit, reducing alcohol intake and finding ways to reduce stress. It also advisable to take all medications prescribed by the doctor.