Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a chronic disease that accounts for 15% of deaths each year in the United States. This makes it one of the leading causes of death and has resulted in the proliferation of the disease being labeled an epidemic. Despite its serious implications, what makes hypertension even more dangerous is the fact that many people living with the disease do not continuously monitor it to ensure that it is kept in check.

Blood pressure monitoring is highly important for people with hypertension, as the disease is a major risk factor for other serious health conditions. It can result in strokes, heart attacks, kidney damage and other interferences that could result in death. In fact, high blood pressure is known as the ‘silent killer’ due to the fact that it rarely produces any symptoms and often presents itself when things have already gotten way out of hand. That is why hypertension sufferers should ensure they are continuously monitoring their blood pressure levels, complementary to their blood pressure treatment.

How to monitor high blood pressure

In addition to getting regular checkups, which involves your doctor using a machine to test your blood pressure levels, home blood pressure monitoring should also be considered. There are many commercially available blood pressure monitors that can be bought at pharmacies, in health stores or even online. These can be used to accurately measure systolic and diastolic pressure at any time. There are even different variants, including the traditional type – similar to what doctors have – and those that can be strapped to the wrist.

Home monitoring has been proven to be effective in backing up blood pressure treatment by helping patients to find out their blood pressure levels at any time. This can save your life by signaling you to calm down, take medication and/or visit the doctor if it is that your blood pressure is elevated significantly. You should choose a monitor that you are most comfortable using and ensure that it is passed by the relevant regulating bodies, such as the USDA.